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I have a company domain in cloudflare associated to an account of a colleague that died few years ago. We now need to do few changes and we cannot manage our domain.
I know my old colleague name and company email, but I don’t know if he used his company email or a personal one to make the domain registration.
How can I get assistance from cloudflare?

Thanks in advance

If you have access to the company email account, you can try the recovery options outlined in this article:

I’ve tried but the used email probably was a personal one.

Anyone knows a more direct contact to the cloudflare support?
We really need to know why we have our domain redirected to cloudflare from ptisp, and what type of data domain is inside cloudflare.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your issues here. If you are unable to get access via a company email address using already linked then your options are limited.

Can you confirm if the domain is registered with Cloudflare Registrar or if the domain is registered elsewhere and just uses Cloudflare for DNS? If you are unsure then please share the domain so we can take a look.

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The domain I’m talking about is

Thanks for confirming that, the domain uses Cloudflare nameservers but is not registered with Cloudflare.

Your best option if you cannot find the email associated with the account is to move the domain to a Cloudflare account you control, changing the nameservers at the Registrar:


I suppose that the domain is registered in ptisp and cloudflare was used for DNS, but I’m not sure about it.
I’ve received an email from ptisp in order to do few changes and they told me that that we should contact cloudflare (where DNS is).

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