Account Information

Hello there,
I need report about my account.

Such as :
1- When my account registered.
2- When my primary domain was attached with my account.
3- …

Where can I get it ?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if it’s related to the Cloudflare or rather Community Forum account? :thinking:

Nevertheless, I’d look up in my inbox for my first Cloudflare e-mail. Except, if you’ve deleted it or cannot find one, then I am not exactly sure.

Using the Cloudflare API, you can find out when you’ve created your account by searching the “account_details” and then lookup for “created_on”.

Regarding the “primary domain”, I cannot be sure if we can have a “primary” one while having multiple ones under the same CF account.

However, you can gather the information via Cloudflare API when the domain was created and activated to your CF account if you’d run an API to list your zones, or at least to list zone details for the particular “primary” domain (if it’s your favorite one and you know which one, therefore by it’s ID) and then look up for “created_on” or “activated_on”.

Other way would be to use some online service or a tool to lookup the DNS history for your “primary” domain once you’ve started using Cloudflare nameservers.

It’s related to Cloudflare.

Yeah I can reach my emails and gather information from there.

I’m just asking if Cloudflare can generate report about my account information ? * For Legal Purposes

And thank you for your responding.

I am afraid I am not familiar about this possibillity :thinking:

However, I’d suggest you to kindly wait for another reply from someone else who might know that kind of information.

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