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My business partnered passed away and I do not have acccess to our Cloudfare account or Google email accounts. Our site is hosted by Cloudfare and we need to change our server names. Please advise.

Thats not possible as Cloudflare does not host any sites. It just provides CDN functions and other functions, but no hosting at all.

Sorry to hear that. You better contact Cloudflare support directly and provide them with the needed informations so they can validate you are allowed to access this account.

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The following is the information that shows CLoudfare as the webhost. If Cloudfare doesn’t host then how may I contact them regarding this matter.

Cloudflare DNS Domain Name Services

Gmail Email Providers

Google Apps Other

CloudFlare Hosting Hosting

Google Tag Manager Tag Management CMS

Mobile Friendly Other

Google Font API Fonts

Google Analytics Analytics and Tracking

What’s the domain? With that, we might be able to track down some useful info.

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The better news is that your domain registrar is NameCheap. If you can access the account there, you’ll be able to set the name servers to whatever you want and start fresh with hosting.

That site’s IP address is hosted at Google.

However, your mail records point to SiteGround.

So it looks like your first stop should be Namecheap. You really can bypass Cloudflare in this whole process since nothing is hosted here except DNS.

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Thank you so much! Off to NameCheap we go!


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