Account ID different for thumbnails


I have a problem with the account ID and thumbnails.
When I build a thumbnail video It’s not working with my account id present in the panel.
But copying the url of the thumbnail in the uploaded videos list, the clientId part of the url is different, if I use that, it works, but it sound very strange I think it’s not my client_id or I can not find it in the panel.

Hi @104cubes — thanks for describing the issue you’re seeing.

You can find your Customer Code in the Dashboard by viewing any video’s HLS or DASH manifest URL — in the screenshot below, the code is m033z5x00ks6nunl

We can improve this on our end to make this clearer — totally understand why you initially used your account ID initially. Really appreciate the feedback.

It would be nice. Just the problem was to find a customer_id apart from client_id. Only a field with that, should be enough I think.
Many thanks!