Account holder is deceased, did not leave account access

I am estate administrator for my brother who died suddenly and no one can access Cloudflare account. Tried to open a support ticket July 16 – [Cloudflare Support] 2503018 – but it bounced because I am not an account holder. Details are in the ticket if it can be accessed by Cloudflare staff. Do not want to post personal details to an open forum, but was told this is the only option I have to contact staff. Many thanks for any help at all.

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Hi @misterparker and welcome. I am sorry for your loss.

The best suggestion is to go through the process of adding the site to an account that can be controled. The Support team can only work with the account holder directly. I know this presents an issue.

They will want to add the site to an account they can control and then change the nameservers at the domain registrar. A better option would be to review any applicable email accounts to track down the account ownership and then recover the cf password for that account. This would save them a lot of work, although the process it and of itself is a bit of effort. These tools may be helpful,

Thanks. Emails are lost (separate issue), so transfer method seems like the only alternative.

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Let us know if we can assist as you go through that process.

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