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I have been contacted by a web owner to fix their site. I’m in the middle of doing that but have come across an issue regarding cloudflare…

the previous person who dealt with their website disappeared about 2 years ago, they’ve heard nothing from him. he’s not been looking after their site and now they have run in to all manner of security issues which i am trying to fix.

currently the issue is that their is an incompatibility with the server and cloudflare, due to everything not being updated. so they cannot access their site at present. there is a Cloudflare’s Always Online alert showing a snapshot of the site as the site is offline.

the problem is that cloudflare was their SSL host, or whatever you’d like to be called, and the web owner does not have the login details for cloudflare. how do we get that back to the rightful owner??



You really can’t. But you can do two things:

  1. Go to the domain registrar and change the name servers back to the ones the web host uses.
  2. Set up a new Cloudflare account, then add the domain there.


thanks, i’ve changed the name servers back already. i did start adding the domain to my account but because it was going to add it, i thought that couldn’t be right, lol!!

thanks =)


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