Account Email Change - On Suppression List

Hi. I didn’t want to take the audacious step of directly messaging @cloonan on this, as it seems he’s the point person in all these types of threads, but I am having trouble getting a verification email sent to a new address, as I believe there may have been a deliverability issue with the confirmation email.

What’s the best way to request help with this?

Thank you.

Hi @m1wc.cincrete sorry for the issues. If it’s the same account as you are using here, I show emails as delivered. (I took the steps to remove it from the Suppression list nonetheless as sometimes emails won’t show on the list but the removal routine seems to make a difference.)

Assuming the steps I took do not help, you may want to ensure the following email addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]

If it’s a different account, let me know here and I’ll send a private message to collect those details from you. :crossed_fingers: the removal steps I took lead to resolution!

It’s not that address. That one was verified. I’m looking to change it, and it’s the new target address that may have initially had a deliverability issue. Thanks.

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