Account Disappeared

E-mail wasn’t working because of DKIM issues. Bluehost told me to change a record on Cloudflare. My website is now down and now I can’t find my domain in Cloudflare??

Hi @jen11,

Can you include the user level activity?
Also can you check and advise what did the user jen AT cataystbjj DOT com delete?

Thank you.

Hi @jen11,

There was a login to your account by user : jen AT catalystbjj DOT com.

This person deleted your zone, via the user interface.

You can check this via the audit log.
I also noticed that there is no 2FA enabled for your account.

If this action was not done by you, it may be a compromised account (your Cloudflare account details have been misused).

I would suggest securing your account first; change password, reroll API tokens, set up 2FA.

I would also suggest checking up your domain/Registrar and securing that as well.
You may want to set that name servers back to your original name servers first and ensuring everything is settled before onboarding Cloudflare again.

At this point recovery and securing your property should be the priority if there is a security issue.

Thank you.

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I’ve been working with Bluehost and FastDomain to get my e-mail bouncing issues handled. Randomly, the domain stopped working entirely. I am clueless with this stuff. Who would I hire to fix it??

Hello @jen11, I went ahead and created the support ticket 2845927 to follow up with you on this issue. You should get an email on your inbox associated to your Cloudflare account.

Please let us know if you have further concerns or questions.


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