Account details are forgotten. How can I access my account

if any one can help me with account details which I have lost

If you cannot reset the password you can only set up the domain on a new account from scratch.

Thanks if I have already website through cloudflare and want to edit in wordpress without previous account details then how can I do that?

Which details did you lose? Cloudflare’s or your site’s?

both cloudflare and wordpress account as well

Cloudflare I already addressed and your Wordpress account is something you need to reset in a different way, possibly directly in the database, but that is off-topic for here.

So for previous website i need create new account on cloudflare with new package?

Package? On which plan is your site currently?

I think business

So you are paying $200 a month?


In that case you probably best contact support.

is that possile if I can create with free version

I tried but there is no email option

When I called then they said in this case new account

You need to open a support ticket. The community cannot help here. I’d strongly suggest you try to recover the original address as that would make things a lot easier, otherwise it all might be complicated.


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