Account Deletion Failure

I am attempting to nuke my account. I do not have anything in my account. Devtools exposes: code: 1004, message: "delete_user.error.db_delete_failed" there are 401s related to Request for the Private Access Token challenge. but that seems to be expected.

I’ve attempted to do this with Safari and Firefox, without adblock and/or enhanced tracking protection.

I have enabled edit access for Cloudflare to modify my account should that be necessary.

And yes, I have tried private browsing mode as well.

It can be added that an attempt was made to create a support ticket. However it is marked as solved by a bot. The “new support portal” does not allow me to create a ticket. Unless there are actual CF engineers here that can deal with this I do not expect resolution.

ref: old support req #2604168

I have escalated your ticket.

I thank you for escalating the ticket. However I haven’t gotten any feedback since other than a “How would you rate your support experience?” email.

I have added the ticket to the queue. The next time a support agents checks then they will work on it.

I have the same issue and didn’t find a way to open a support ticket.

Hello @crystalheathen are you still experiencing this issue? (I wasnt able to find the email account you submitted the ticket on 2604168 (If you are still having an issue, please create a new ticket and provide the reference here).

@nassau26 if you are experiencing the same issue, please open a ticket - even though you will receive the initial autoresponder advising you to review the community & the ticket is then Closed, we will then pick it up for investigation on our backend & re-open it. (Please provide the ticket reference here on this community thread).

Note: Be sure your are operating as the Super Admin and then you can submit an Account category ticket once your click Add more details when following the initial Form wizard prompts

Thank you.

I was able to get the account deletion flow to succeed a few days ago.

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Hi @ccahoon,
Tried now and it made me able to do it :slight_smile:

Your account has been queued for deletion.

Thanks for all!

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