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In the event I’d like to delete my account and therefore profile, do I need to use the section “Profile” and then click on “Delete this user”?

If the above is correct, is the closure of the account immediate and with this I mean, can I keep using my personalised email address until the end of the billing cycle or it is immediately closed?

Under the section Manage Account>Billing>Invoices & Documents, the first section “Billable usage notification” there is a part that states:

“Configure a billable usage notification to monitor usage and avoid surprises on your bill.”

Could anyone gently explain what this is about? Should I be worrying about anything?

With all this, I just want to clarify that the type of account that I’ve got is free.


  1. Accounts are deleted immediately. However, Cloudflare will purge your personal information within a year of a deletion request unless required to retain it for legal obligations (such as ongoing abuse investigations or pending litigation).

  2. You must first cancel any active subscriptions before deleting an account. Once an account is deleted, you’ll be able to use the same email to create a new Cloudflare account.

Reference: Delete your Cloudflare account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

  1. The email notifications are set up by the customer and for informational purposes only. Actual usage and billing may vary. Your monthly invoice is the most reliable source for billing information.

Reference: Understanding Billing for Add-on Services · Cloudflare Support docs

Hope this helps!

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