Account deleted but dns still present

I mistakenly deleted my cloudflare account.
The fact that it coincided with the domain transfer and I can’t change the nameservers anymore.
The dns still point to the old server ip.
How can I delete the zone since I can no longer access the cloudflare account and not even the old domain?
How come even deleting the account the nameservers continue to point to the old server?
Thank you so much for the help.

Where is the domain registered? If Cloudflare is not your registrar, you can have your registrar point your domain to whatever name servers you choose.

It was Godaddy but the domain has been transferred to another provider.
I have already changed the nameservers but it is an entire day that it detects dns checker still detects those of cloudflare. Old nameservers from old domain.

That can take up to 48 hours. Once that goes through, Cloudflare DNS will be ignored.

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Unfortunately, the new provider tells me to delete the previous cloudflare zone but not being able to log in, I can’t do it.
I also opened a cloudflare support ticket but received no response.

Why does the new provider care if you had a Cloudflare account or not? Who’s this new provider?

I contacted the provider and they solved the problem for me.

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