Account Dash Ticket - suspected phishing site

My site just recently was flagged as suspected phishing, I have searched and did not receive an email about it (also checked spam folder). There is no mention of it in my account that I can see either. I am not sure where to turn to figure out why it was flagged or how to clear it up. I have tried a couple of scans of the site and everything came back as clean.

If it’s not in your dashboard and you didn’t get an email how did you determine it was flaggged for phishing?

Anytime someone tried to go to the site it shows a warning.

It’s possible your host or a 3rd party has flagged the site as phishing (there is a thread just today where Avast flagged Cloudflare,s dashboard as a phishing site). Do you have a link and/or the specific language of the warning?


Site is self hosted, had been up for well over a year without issue.

I have looked through everything I can think of on the site as well as in the Cloudflare dashboard. I have still been unable to see anything where Cloudflare is telling me why the site has been flagged or how to resolve the issue.

I have still been unable to figure out what is flagging my site or how to fix it. I have opened a ticket with Cloudflare #2391044 and they instructed me to post in the community. Anyone that can offer me more assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Can you share the domain name?

Your site is flagged on Google Safe Browsing, and the pages I can access would appear to indicate your Wordpress install has been compromised.

Before you can get your site removed from the various safe browsing lists, you need to fix your site.

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Thank you for this info. I’m just curious, if google flagged the site why does the warning reference cloudflare?

Both flagged it.


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