Account Dash Ticket - Please roll back my website settings

Please roll back my website settings
I made some wrong changes
Please restore my website to the configuration of 2022-01-02T20:35:24+08:00

ticket number 2344070

Hi @user17490 we cannot make changes to your account. WRT 2344070, none of the agents in Support can make changes to your account.

Can you explain a bit more of what you want to accomplish and we’ll help guide you through making those changes.

Sorry, I don’t know what more information I have to provide
What I want to do is roll back all the settings of the site to before 2022-01-02T20:35:24+08:00

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As @cloonan said, no one here or from support can make changes on your account or roll back any changes.

You can check the Audit Log for changes that were made but you’ll have to make changes yourself.


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