Account Dash Ticket - I've changed nameservers at registrar's ( but it's not connecting

For purposes of getting my www-version of my site aligned with the rootversion:
I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare on a recommendation of My registrar agreed would be a good idea, and I took all the steps as far as I can see, but the CNAME/site won’t propagate…all settings seem to be right…

This is what I did:
Make an account on and enter my domain
Disable DNSSEC at my registrar
Use the cloudfare prescribed nameservers at my registrar
Wait for acceptance at my registrar (is accepted)
Added an “www”
Still no connection at cloudfare.
Added the CNAME for www to cloudfare.
No luck still.
Added a pagerule at Cloudflare.
Disconnected and reconnected my domain at
Nothing still.
I have now turned on full (script) instead of just script. Don’t know about any certificate.

Am I missing something here?


Account Dash Ticket - I’ve changed nameservers at registrar’s ( but it’s not connecting

Yes, a letter appears to be missing from both.

To find out what the “l” is happening here…check your nameserver change

Domain nameservers:

Should be

Aaaah yes! That be it.

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