Account creation NS records instructions changed (noah adi -> kara peyton)

I created a cloudflare account in march 2019 and got instructions on the account page to set the following NS records:

(note all dns below are but to comply with the restrictions of the number of links per post I had to remove the suffix)

2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1 adi
Nameserver 2 noah

Even after configuring the NS records with my registrar, and re-checking and waiting, the account is still in “pending nameserver update” state.

Now the instructions page of the account says:

2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1 kara
Nameserver 2 peyton

I suspect that the account will work after I follow the new instructions.
But why did the instructions change ? Was it just bad timing/luck for me ? Does everyone have to update their NS records ?


Whats the domain in question?

Are you talking about the same Cloudflare account or two different ones? Typically nameservers assigned to an account do not change.

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The domain is
It’s only one cloudflare account (with multiple domains, e.g. etc.)

Now that I think of it, I had created a first account and may have gotten the instructions there and then decided to change the account name. Thanks for your answer

For this domain Cloudflare currently expects kara and peyton. The domain is set to adi and noah though.

You will need to update the nameservers to kara and peyton. Otherwise Cloudflare will deactivate the domain eventually. If it originally asked for adi and noah and you believe this has changed now you might want to contact support to clarify that.

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