Account compromised

Hi, I have a similar problem to the one described by yoann.

In my case, my website redirects to a malicious url of Tinyurl… I searched everywhere and thanks to your answer I got to that area of redirects in my Cloudflare panel (which I did not know) and I see that there is defined the redirect!

And I never made that redirection!

Was my account hacked?

Obviously I have already removed the redirect and am proceeding to change my account password.

Thanks brother, your answer helped me to solve the problem.

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You have taken some good steps to secure your account. Review this guide to be sure you haven’t missed anything. Adding a hardware token or TOTP 2FA can make future compromise more difficult.


Thanks epic network,

Yes, I’ve already change my password and also enable TFA :grin:


One final thing, make sure the attacker didn’t add any API keys or tokens. :+1: