Account Analytics, not going before October 2nd


Today, I was going to check cloudflare account analytics for the previous month (October), but the UI wont let me pick the whole month.
Previously, few days ago, I was even able to pick dates way back into june and upto 3 month time span.
I wanted to compare the analytics between September and October, but as it is now, it wont even let me pick the whole of october, let alone go back to September.

(I have been with cloudflare for minimum 1-2 years, so it shouldnt have an issue of data from these dates.)

I’ve never seen more than 30 days of analytics. Even Enterprise Plans max out at 30 days with the expectation that Enterprise users who want more should use their own logging.

Im sorry, i may have been bad with my wording
Are web analytics and the account analytics (beta), the same??
I thought web analytics referred to the analytics tab in the specific websites

And Account Analytics were overall

What I am referring to were the “Account Analytics (beta)”

Site specific analytics have always been limited to 7 days for me.

For "Account analytics, I have been able to get more

For example, here is a screenshot, I had taken previously, from June 1st to August 29th (approx. 3 months)

Please do correct me if I am wrong

Thank you