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I am trying to add CNAMEs to our domain, ulgcompanies. It is hosted on NameSilo, but uses Cloudflare for the name servers. I was told I will need to have the CNAMEs added on here. The problem is, I am the new IT Manager and do not have the login information for our account. We actually have 3 domains with the name servers under CloudCall. I need help logging in and adding the CNAMES

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The only way you’ll be able to regain access is by having access to the email address of the account.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out

If you know the email:
If you know the email and have 2FA issues:
If you don’t know the email:

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None of those is working for me. I do not know the e-mail. When I search for my domains, Cloudflare does not see them. The domains are ulgcompanies, ulgst and ulgstaffing. The name servers for ulgcompanies are clay.ns.Cloudflare-com and dora.ns.Cloudflare-com. Without Cloudflare finding my domains, I cannot do anything

Cloudflare has very strict policies pertaining to account access. Your only option will be to move to a new Cloudflare account and start over.

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