Accoun got hacked & Verification Email not received - CF account to enable MFA


My CF account recently hacked eventhough i’ve used password very strong.

The hacker has changed A record of DNS of my domains in CF account to his Server IP address (to a ad server).

I noticed then immediated fixed A records back to old ones for all domains. The same hacking happended in one of my client’s CF account also. I think its frequently happening to all CF accounts.

For a step forward, Immediately i’ve changed to a strong password & trying to enable MFA in my account. It not happening due to my account email not verified, im unable to verifiy because im not getting verification email tried hundered of times.

Kindly help pls.

Can you share details in an account ticket?

You can open an Account ticket here,

LMK once you have an account ticket and we can continue there.