Accordion: cache problem

On my website I’m using accordions.

Some accordions work:

Some accordions do not work:

This is strictly related to Cloudflare cache. I know this because all accordions work properly when I disable the cache.

This is a huge problem for me. Google can’t see the content inside accordions that won’t open.

How to solve this problem?

Maybe exclude accordions from the cache? But how? Site runs on Gatsby.

First, that’s not true, as the content is in the DOM, so Google can see and index it, but humans can’t.

It indeed it, I think it is not related to cache itself, but to some optimization.

Seems to be related to some DOM-optimization. I would recommend to keep Cloudflare caching your reponse but disabling “Performance” with the same PageRule you enabled cache everything.


I tested it several times with a random querystring (which bypasses cache) and it worked properly. Even after it was cached some requests later. Have a try: Dentures: types and procedure | Authority Dental


Cache purged.

Let’s see.

I will update this topic.

Seems to work for me. Now its time to figure out which of the performance features broke it. Chances are high it’s RocketLoader

Yup, thank you.

However, I will need to check other pages thoroughly, too.

The issue seems to be a bit random.

Yes, do this. After you can confirm it’s not occuring anymore disable the “Performance Disabled” Rule and just turn off Cloudflares RocketLoader and clear cache again to see if it broke it.

Everything looks good after disabling Rocket Loader. Again, thanks for help!

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