Accidently made changes to DNS settings


I accidently made changes to the DNS settings for my site. Now my site is not working, it gives me a https unsecure error.

Can I revert to the settings that I’ve been using before I accidently ruined everything?

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Can you share the name of the domain? What changes did you make?

I accidently changed some entries in the Proxy Status column.

However, at last I got the site working again. BUT, I think it would be a good idea to implement a “Save Changes” button on some of those setting pages. There has to be more guys than me who accidentally slips on the mouse button and changes stuff unintentionally. At least they should implement a “undo” button!

Got it, the :orange: and :grey: toggle and if you go to the Audit Log from the main dashboard screen you can see which records were changed. I’ll pass along the feedback to the dashboard team, thank you.

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