Accidentally deleted site from Cloudflare and can no longer access domain registrar settings or re add site

One of my team members accidentally deleted our site from my Cloudflare account. The domain is registered with Cloudflare. We followed these instructions to add the site back to Cloudflare, but it is asking us to update the nameservers for the domain. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen, since we have the domain registered with Cloudflare. We then tried to access the domain registrar settings on Cloudflare to see if there was any way to update the nameservers. However, clicking the “manage” button brings us back to the list of all domains registered on my account, instead of the domain settings, which works for all the other domains I have registered. From what we can tell, it should not have been possible to remove the site, as when I tried on my account to remove the site again for testing purposes a warning showed up saying this was not possible as the domain was registered with Cloudflare, but when I gave my team member admin access to the domain he was able to delete it somehow. I have filed a ticket (#3083985) with support regarding this issue, but it seems to have been closed automatically. Does anyone know how to regain access to the registrar settings so we can add the site back to Cloudflare? Thanks for the help.

If you keep having issues with this, can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Registrar ticket here,

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