Accidentally deleted index.php

How can I restore it?

Is it a file or some Page Rule or something other related which contains index.php?

May I ask where did you deleted it? At Cloudflare Pages or your host/origins server (hosting provider)?

Do you get any error?

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I deleted it on my server

Then this question is not related to CloudFlare at all and therefore is actually does not belong to here but maybe StackOverflow of any other “general restoring” Service/Community but really not CloudFlare.

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that is, it’s just cached requests and that’s it?

Yes thats what is CloudFlare is made for, to proxy requests and if you configurate it to also cache them.
But keep in mind that it only caches the response and not your sourcecode which mostly are different.

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Thank you

If you are using cPanel or some other, look up for a Trash folder, maybe it is still there or using Command Line Tool with testdisk.

Or, if more experienced, as it is not the scope of the forums, but you could use debugfs to view a filesystems log, check what you get and maybe it is still possible to “remap” the file back - depending on the partitioning of your disk, etc.

Don’t you have a backup? :smiley:

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