Accidentally deleted icloud

I am not in tech and not sure how to do this. I accidentally deleted my icloud email, i do not have a website and how do i get my email back. I tried looking into the dns record and documentation but I am not sure what to choose.

I’d contact an apple forum for help. Or, did you delete dns records on your cloudflare dash??

I think so! I really am not sure because I am non-technical and i can’t understand the documentation

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Can you share a link to the doc you are using?

In your dashboard, I see a CNAME record deleted for one website and I do see a website removed on the 15th. What is the name of the website? You can see audit log activity here, If it’s a record that you deleted and need back, you can find it in the log to see the details and then add it back on the DNS records page,

If it’s the website that is missing, go here and select + Add a site to add it back.

If you deleted your icloud account with apple, that is something you’d need to correct on their site.

it’s actually for angledviewer we could not get support so my brother decided to stay with go daddy.