Accidentally deleted Edge Certificate

I’ve read this article and have the same issue, but however for me it says “Disable Universal SSL“.

The status of the Edge Certificate is deleted.

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Hi @juliantosun,

Can you try just disabling it, wait 5 min and re-enable it again?

I got exactly the same issue.
After re-enabling the certificate status is deleted.
Is there a way to fix this?

Many thanks!

I too have the same issue. I was having problems with my domain, so I deleted it on Cloudflare, then started it again. Now the Universal Edge Certificate is deleted and I can’t figure out how to renew it.

I paused Cloudflare for a period, however that didn’t change the certificate. I can’t find where to renew it.

Thanks in advance for any help for this issue.

You can issue a new certificate using the following API endpoint:

I’ve made a tutorial on how to use cURL on Windows to do this:

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