Accidentally delete CNAME records in Cloudflare DNS settings

Hi everyone, I recently decided to change my to a self-hosting service, and while doing it, I logged in Cloudflare to configure my website nameservers as well. However, I thought all files in the DNS settings are from the old hosting service so I deleted them all.

Now I only know how to add a new A record with my domain and IPv4 info. For the CNAME, I have no idea how to do it properly.

This is because I’m not a tech guy. I know how to add the A record because someone once showed me, but not the CNAME.

Can anybody help me with this?

Hi @askforappsteam,

These should help:

Hi, thank you for your advice.

However, I have realized it’s more complicated than that.

I have canceled my previous hosting plan to change to a self-hosting service. even if I can find the old value from my audit log and take it back to the CNAME, it’s useless because my old hosting plan is gone.

Now, I don’t know which value I should fill in my CNAME target blank considering I am using a self-hosting service. Can you advise me on how to do it? I used a virtual machine in google cloud as self-hosting.

If you’re hosting it on a server, you probably just need an A record pointing to its IP address. What makes you think you need a CNAME instead?

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