Accidentally chose wrong domain for business plan - Support won't help

Here is what I posted in ticket 3180990:
The brief summary is that I had never purchased a paid account for anything in Cloudflare. We are in the process of setting up Cloudflare for testing and production to get ready to use Cloudflare proxy on our production domain dot com. However, when I went to create the first domain, because we are testing first, I entered the testing domain dot net, then proceeded to purchase the business plan thinking I would add the production domain dot com when we are ready to go into production. I didn’t realize I was permanently binding the business plan to the testing domain dot net. So I opened a ticket (3180990) asking for assistance. The only response I got back was a link to the Cancellation policy and the downgrade option and support kept saying we cannot help you any further and that they would close the ticket. I responded within 10-20 minutes after they posted, but no update until the next day with basically the same response. I again responded within 10-20 minutes asking them to not close this ticket because following the cancellation instructions, there is no cancellation button/option in billing, and when I went to try to downgrade the testing domain dot net to a free account, I got an Internal Server Error (Code: 1000). So I posted that screenshot with my result. And again, no response whatsoever. As stated in the ticket, I am not looking for a refund or to cancel, I simply want to apply the business plan to a different domain on our production domain dot com. If I need to get a refund and then repurchase the business plan under the .com domain, then please process the refund. Either way, I need the services of the business plan before next week and don’t want to be forced to purchase another $2,400 business plan for an obvious mistake. Please help and let me know what to do.

I am posting here because there is no phone number, no email address, and the chat feature does not support account/billing issues. What else can I do?

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I am sorry to hear that you are having a bit of a rough time learning about how the Cloudflare subscriptions work. They are indeed per domain, and the terms of service indicate that all purchases are non-refundable. That said, mistakes obviously can happen, and it certainly doesn’t hurt ask for options. If you haven’t canceled the subscription that you placed on the wrong domain, I encourage you to complete that portion of the process.

Since you mentioned that you have submitted a support request, would you please share the ticket number here? That will allow us to request a billing specialist review it

The ticket number is in the body of my post, but here it is 3180990. Also, when I click on billing and everywhere else, there is no Cancel subscription option, which I also stated in my post. I also tried to downgrade to free as the Cancellation policy suggests, but I get an Internal Server Error (Code: 1000) when I do try to downgrade. What else can I do?

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Sorry for the issues, I see directions from the agent to cancel the plan. To do that you need to go to and on the plan you want to change, click edit
Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 5.16.49 PM

A window will popup, select and confirm the plan type to which you want to change, scroll to the bottom to select free

As noted. I did try to downgrade to the free plan, but get an red lined note stating… Internal Server Error (Code: 1000). I uploaded that screenshot to that ticket, but still no response from support. I tried it 3 days in a row hoping that somehow they would fix it. But still same Internal Server Error (Code: 1000) regardless of what options I choose (when you downgrade it asks you why and whether you found an alternative - I check marked several different options, same error every time.)