Accidentally changed record

Hi, I accidentally changed a default dns setting without saving the original value and haven’t been able to get my web links to resolve any longer. If I recall it was a cname with some . and _ characters attached to my domain name. An anyone help me recreate these defaults values? I don’t have a web site, I only redirect to another server host.
Thanks in advance

You can find the old value here:

If the redirect is done by Cloudflare, any record will do, as long as it is proxied.

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Hi and thank you. Good to know the audit log is there, now I just have to figure out what I deleted.

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Well, I can’t find the initial setting in the log from when the account was first set up. And I only see the new setting update from when I made this error. Any suggestions?

To clarify: What I’m hoping to be able to accomplish is to get back to “his page is under construction” when bringing up the domain. It’s only a redirection with an additional suffix attached to the web link that takes the user elsewhere.

Thanks! I’m relieved to hear about the audit log. Now, I just need to find out what I deleted. :sweat_smile: It feels like solving a digital puzzle - let the journey of tracking my steps begin!

I’m afraid I have no idea what that record is, as I haven’t registered any domains on Cloudflare so far.