Accessing Webmail via Cloudflare

Hi Cloudflare Community,

I recently switched my DNS from HostGator to Cloudflare to create a new CNAME for a landing page. I then tried to create a new business email via Hostgator and connect it to Gmail forgetting that I pointed my new name servers to CloudFlare.

My problem is simply this … since I switched my name servers to Cloudflare, I’m now unable to access Webmail via Hostgator because I moved the name servers. Is there a way to access my webmail via CloudFlare or do I need to switch my name servers back to Host Gator in order to access my Host Gator webmail and connect my new business email to Gmail? Please help, thank you!

  • Peter

It sounds like you’re using Gmail for mail hosting. Which webmail were you using? Straight to Gmail?

Hostgator should still have DNS records for your domain, so maybe you can check those can copy them over to Cloudflare.

I’d like to use Gmail to open my new business emails, my URL is and the new business email I created is [email protected]
Now i’d like to connect it to Gmail now, and in order to do so I need to open and access a verify link email via Host Gator before connecting it to Gmail which I’m unable to do because I’m unable to access that Webmail (I think) since I switched DNS to Cloudflare … does that make sense and should I simply switch my name servers back to Host Gator or is there a way to access web mail via Cloudflare? Thanks!

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