Accessing tunnel not working for some domains

Hello everyone,

I have had my cloudflared tunnel running for some time now. I have several cnames set up. I can access some of my host names but others I am not able to. When I type my the public hostname corresponding to some of my containers that I tunnel to, I can get to my container UI just fine. I have a few where the site does not load….I also am not getting any error. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

What are you getting? Is it blank pages?


Yes. Just a blank page. As if it’s buffering almost but goes no where. Oddly, I have domains set up on my tunnel and most work.

Does your browser think that the page load is complete? If the connection times out then you would get an error, but a blank page leads me to believe that it does load but the wrong thing.

I’ve tried several browsers and its the same….nothing loads…white screen…but progress bar under the url moves as if its loading the page and reverts back to beginning…in a loop.

Can you share the domain? What application is running via the tunnel?

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Yes…. Files.redstormsjuDOTcom
A files folder on my synology

This site is just constantly redirecting to itself, which is why it seems to keep loading. The only thing that is loaded on the landing page is

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var uri = location.pathname + + location.hash;
    var URL = 'https://' + location.hostname + '' + uri;

You need to fix the application, it is working with Cloudflare.

Now sure how to fix the application. When I open up the application from home with the host ip and port it works.

That isn’t something the community can help with. On a hunch, are you doing any https redirect on the application and have the tunnel config set to using http?

I dont think so…when I set the tunnel I added the http port from my application. If I use the HTTPS info, the I get an error 502 when trying the url.

That’s my hunch out. I suggested it because the JavaScript is acting as an HTTP → HTTPS redirect.

All of the services I set up on the tunnel, I set up with the HTTP ports from my applications on my synology and from my docker. Now all of my docker containers work when I use the cloudflared tunnel url that I set up….it is the ones that are directly tied to my nas’ applications that are giving me this problem.

The issue is with the nas’ applications. Something is redirecting HTTPS → HTTPS causing the loop. This community isn’t going to be able to help.

You my friend are a genius. I found the error in my nas log in settings - or I should say, you found the error and just directed me where to look. I appreciate all of your help. I am still very new to this and learning!