Accessing site with Proxied connection gives 403

Hello there,

When I access the site via Proxied connection it gives me a 403 error and when I make it DNS only its works fine. Any ideas why it is failing?

Your server will be blocking the addresses from Check your server logs and make sure they aren’t blocked.

Do you have a screenshot for that?

It gives an issue in particular subdomain other sites and subdomain working fine

Fine, but that will still be your webserver and that’s where you need to check.

What’s the URL?

That error comes straight from your server. As I said

From what I can tell, that’s not even Cloudflare specific but your server generally returns a 403.

Once more

The community can’t help here as that’s not Cloudflare related in the first place.

I didn’t got anything specific in server logs. If its not Cloudflare specific then why it works with DNS only

Does it? As far as I can tell it does not.

Set it to DNS only in that case.

But I want a proxied connection. One more thing I can tell is that the URL redirects to some oath application

Can that redirection be blocked by Cloudflare in the proxied connection?

I did not say you should keep it there, set it to DNS only for now, so we can test that.

As I said, that should come directly from your server.

I did that on DNS only. Its working fine

So it does via Cloudflare right now.

$ curl -I --resolve
HTTP/2 302
content-type: text/html
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
expect-ct: max-age=604800, report-uri=""
server: cloudflare

You’ll have some obscure server setup which probably resolves back to Cloudflare. For the fourth time, check your server logs.

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