Accessing site using mTLS with iPhone

I have setup mTLS and the firewall on my site.

As desired, Cloudflare now gives an Access Denied while attempting to connect without a certificate.

When I install the Cloudflare CA and combine the issued client .pem and .key files to a .p12 file and install both the CA and .p12, it works on Linux and macOS.

The problem that I’m having is that although I install the same CA and .p12 on my iPhone, I only get Access Denied.

The Cloudflare for Teams ECC Certificate I can get to say Verified, and can turn on the profile, but the .p12 client certificate created from the .pem and .key that Cloudflare issued to me, I cannot get it verified and I cannot get it to be used to access my site.

Does anybody know how to setup an iPhone running iOS 15 with client certificates that will work for a browser to access a website secured with mTLS?

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