Accessing protected resource from other domain


I have 2 domains. (domain1) and (domain2).
domain1 uses images from domain2.

Access to domain2 resources is protected and access is only given to domain1 using htaccess order allow/deny.

Earlier everything was working fine. But now I’m using cloudflare for domain1 and it’s not able to access those domain2 resources.

Only domain1 is using cloudflare, domain2 is not using any SSL.

Kindly suggest the possible solution.


As of Chrome 80, if a HTTPS site tries to load images, it will only try the images in HTTPS (even if the image link uses http).

Other features in this release

Autoupgrade Mixed Content

Chrome is now auto-upgrading HTTP content in HTTPS sites by rewriting URLs to HTTPS without falling back to HTTP when secure content is not available. In this version of Chrome only audio and video content are so treated.

The only way to fix this is to set up HTTPS on the other domain, either via Cloudflare or via another [free] SSL provider like LetsEncrypt.

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