Accessing our CloudFlare Account

Accessing Our Account [email protected] (domain :*

We cannot retrieve our information in order to access our account at Cloudflare. We have shared our credentials with our web company and I don’t know if they have changed the username but the credential are not working. Cloudflare replied to us saying that our email address [email protected] wasn’t found in their database, but is definitively with Cloudflare DNS !
See here ; WHOIS Search | Domain Name Lookup Tool -

I have access to the domain, I could change the DNS to something else, but I really want still to use Cloudflare in the future. How can I get back access to manage

Have you asked your web company about this? Maybe they can log in and check.

Yes I did, we actually have the original credential, because we did create this access, several years ago. We shared with the actual web site company, but they are telling us they have the same not working access. Do you know if a “username” can be changed ? In the passed, we have store in our password manager, not an email as the username ([email protected]) but a unique identifier : industriacoiffure.

It’s difficult to change a username.

Have you tried the “Forgot Email” link at the login for