Accessing OpenMediaVault through Zero Trust Tunnel

Hi All,

I was previously using nginx as a reverse proxy but decided to change to Cloudflare Tunnels instead for additional security. I have various service which I can access fine through the tunnels but for some reason when I try to access OMV I get to the login screen, login and initially it works and I get the Dashboard then very shortly afterwards ( a couple seconds) I get a black screen with a red software failure message (from OMV) which if I Click it it takes me to the login screen again but at this point when I login it takes me directly back to the software failure screen.

If I clear cookies for the page and try again it goes back to logging me in briefly the first attempt then kicks me out again.

I can access OMV locally through its local IP and it works fine both HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443 (or whatever other ports I have set trying to get this working)

I have configured the Cloudflare tunnel in various ways, both with HTTP and HTTPS with and without No TLS Verify set. I have tried using various ports for both http and https and all of them display the same behaviour when accessing through the Cloudflare Tunnel.

I have no local DNS rules set and no NAT on my router other than UPnP rules and nothing that uses port 80 or 443.

I am using OMV 6 fully updated to on Bare Metal using Proxmox Kernel 5.19.17-2-pve