Accessing my hosting sites to migrate them

I was working with American Web Builders on the design and hosting of my websites, however, we had a falling out. I paid for 3 years of hosting and apparently, they are using this CO to host my sites. I need to get access to both of my files and sites to migrate them to Bluehost who I am now using

The Co websites are and Please send me the files or the login information so I can complete the migration of my sites

Please contact me with any questions or concerns


Your sites aren’t hosted on Cloudflare (headers indicate that Cloudflare Pages isn’t used) and Cloudflare is just proxying the connection to the real host.

Cloudflare won’t give you any information about an account that is not yours.

To take control of your sites, you will need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar to point to those for your own Cloudflare account or another DNS provider.

To find your site files, you’ll need to find the hosting provider (assuming that you were paying for that and not your developer).


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