Hi, I am not sure if I am in the right place.
I have been watching various streaming content at “”.
Up until maybe 2 weeks ago I was able to access this sites webpages and now nothing.
When I enter any URL with that domain name, it takes ages to think about it, and then gives me a page that shows “Connection Timed Out - Error 522”. I can access other pages no problem at all, just not this page. I have also used a vpn and tried setting it for various countries and still nothing. whenever I type a search query for “” I do not get anything related to the website.
I can’t even begin to think of what has changed in my settings if anything at all. There should be no blocks for this site as I am sure I have it set to bypass on any security settings (but I could be wrong).
I think this happened before many months ago or maybe even a year or more ago. For some reason I tried it again after not having access for quite a while, and voila, it worked. Again, I don’t know what might have changed to stop it or re-start it.
I’m a little in the dark over all of this and couldn’t find any mention of ‘’ here on this site so I am not sure if this is the place to be.
Any titbit of information would be greatly appreciated.

If isn’t your site, then not much you can do. Something is broken on their end. Cloudflare is just a reverse proxy/CDN (think of them like an intermediary), if the origin (i.e’s mega-stream’s real web server) is down, then there’s nothing Cloudflare can do, only mega-stream can fix that problem. It’s broken for me as well, same 522.

If this is your site, check out

Thanks for the explanation, Chaika. Your reply confirmed what I did already know, but wasn’t sure I was on the right path. I am glad someone else has been able to get the error also and not just me. I guess I will just have to roll with it as I doubt there is anything else to do but wait for it to resolve, and/or re-sign a subscription elsewhere. Have a fantastic week.

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