Accessing IPv6-only server [ssh]

with fewer IPv4 public addresses available, some providers are going IPv6 only.

I have some IPv6-only cloud servers (other provider) and I need everyone (ipv4 or ipv6) to be able to reach it (website).

I read Proxy IPv4 visitors to IPv6-only backend and added the AAAA record pointing at my server.

I can traceroute to it, but ssh fails

I need to be able to access the server; any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The proxy is only for HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

You can proxy SSH using Spectrum, which is only available on paid plans. On a free plan you can enable IPv4 access to the website but not SSH.


Thank you for the quick response, it was helpful.

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Or use an alt hostname with Cloudflare Tunnel / Access.

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that’s a great suggestion, i’ll check it out and post the results here

doesn’t work

cloudflared installs fine, but it won’t connect to cloudflare’s edge because it’s ipv6 only

Two options while starting cloudflared could be:

  1. Run with the environment variable “TUNNEL_EDGE_IP_VERSION=6” set.

  2. Pass “--edge-ip-version 6” to the launch options.

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Also consider whether you even really need IPv4 access for SSH. Do you have random (IPv4-only) users connecting with SSH?

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my need is for me, as the administrator, to connect to ssh, regardless of whether i’m on ipv4 or ipv6.

my isp doesn’t use or even offer ipv6, neither does my cell provider.

my cloud server provider offers to sell you an ipv4 address for 50% more than i paid for a 3 yr lease on the server itself


Ah, yes, since you went IPv6-only I figured you had IPv6 yourself.

The tunnel would be a fine solution, then. If you ever upgrade to a paid Cloudflare account it becomes easier, but if all you need is the v4-v6 then it’s not worth $25 a month just for that.

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