Accessing domain with different extension .com / .net via cloudflare

  • <example>.net is pointted to cloudflare DNS & <example>.com is managed by external register & DNS server.

  • test.<example>.net is registered A record in cloudflare DNS with proxy mode & test.<example>.net is accessible
    test.<example>.com & test.<example>.net resolves correctly.

  • test.<example>.com CNAME points to test.<example>.net, when accessing test.<example>.com getting error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

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As you have learned, you cannot use CNAMEs in the manner that you have. A CNAME has two parts, the alias and the canonical name. The webserver listening on the host at the canonical name must be configured to respond to requests that contain the alias in the HTTP host headers. Since your canonical name is proxied, you reach the Cloudflare proxy rather than the origin server when you use the alias. The Cloudflare proxy does not have any configuration for the alias and will fail to deliver the response you want.

The short answer is that configuration will never work as it is invalid.

Thank you for the reply,
Could you please suggest how we can configure in this scenario as below.
.com is managed by external DNS server. (unambe to managed by cloudflare DNS)
.net will be managed by cloudflare DNS server.

want to serve .com .net via same backend.

Why not redirect one to the other? There is no benefit to serving duplicate content on multiple domains. Search engines typically impose a penalty on such a configuration.

You might be able to achieve your desired outcome with Cloudflare for SaaS.

Thank you, This helps

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