Accessing domain purchased through iCloud+

Kia ora,

11 months ago I purchased my domain via iCloud+ and I got an email from Cloudflare saying I have 30 days to renew my domain, however I can’t access my domain.

I tried to Sign in with Apple into Cloudflare but it returns a 500 server error and the account I currently using an email I have under my domain.

Called Apple, they couldn’t help as it’s an issue with Cloudflare and can’t call Cloudflare because I’m not paying for an enterprise account.

Is there anyone who could possibly help me??

Kind regards,

Hi @kaneviggers, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Hey Cloonan,

Already have opened one, here it is; 3252052

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Please see the ticket for the latest response from our team! We appreciate your patience on this.

Hey Eportillo,

I don’t see any new correspondence in my email from any of the 2 tickets I have open;

On ticket 3256168, last I sent was 3 screenshots proving I own the domain via iCloud+ Custom Email Domain