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I currently have 1 domain ( I am currently in the process of signing up for a third party program for my company and they want to have access to the cPanel for our domain.

We have a company which solely hosts our domain name only. Then we have a website which is just the store front.
Now under the initial site which only hosts the domain name only, I found some information under “name servers & records” and it had ‘CLOUDFLARECOM’ on there.

So I googled that and reset the password to that. Now I am here on Cloudflare trying to find some information about cPanel on the webhosting domain so I can provide it to the third party company so they can work on my site.

I gave them access to my store front which is not what they needed. They need access to the cPanel so they can install their software. I could also create a subdomain off my main domain but I’m not sure how that works.

I am seeing if anyone is familiar with that and how I can get access to my cPanel credentials to provide that to them.


Hi @sonia4,

cPanel is a website management tool that is not managed by Cloudflare, nor provided, so we are unable to assist with recovering credentials (though others are welcome to try to help). Regarding “name servers & records” containing “CLOUDFLARECOM”, if you could elaborate I may be able to help, but it is unclear what is being referred to here.

Sean Mitchell

I have attached a photo below.
This is through Educause, this company only hosts our domain name. When I went under some of the domain details I saw this email or name of “Cloudflare” under “Name servers and records”. I’m not sure what it refers to to be honest so I googled it and reset the account password and turns out we have an account with them. Now that I’m here I’m nor sure what to do with retrieving the cPanel credentials but I figured this might be a step closer.
So I’m not sure where to go with this that’s where I’m stuck at.
Hope this helps

You have Cloudflare as your DNS provider, but if you have a Cpanel, that will be at your web hosting provider. Hosting with a Cpanel is not a service Cloudflare provides.

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I am trying to look into this but I am still unfamiliar with that these terms are.

So Cloudflare is our DNS provider, then how would I access my webhosting provider. Would that be where my website or store front is? Which is Squarespace?

I don’t expect you to know what companies I’m working with so if you don’t know that’s alright. But I have contacted each company I’ve mentioned to try and resolve this and I am still stuck.


Squarespace is a hosting provider, so yes, that’s where to look.

I’ve never used Cpanel and know nothing about it, so I’m not sure what if anything Squarespace does with it, but the hosting provider is the place to start.

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