Accessing CF Worker/Domain from a GoDaddy Domain

I am working on a Proof of Concept for a platform where I wanted to have non-CF domains leverage and access a CF worker thru a connected CF domain for dynamic content.

To get into specifics I have the following resources:

  • CF Worker that returns a Response about the request
  • - domain which is connected to that CF worker
  • - a non-CF domain (Godaddy) which I would connect to This uses godaddy nameservers

So in essence, it looks like this: -> -> CF Worker

I was able to successfully setup the CF worker and the CF domain (works in https). So Accessing will just return an html response like:

You are trying to make a request
pathname: xxxxxx
hash: xxxxxx
protocol: xxxxxx
origin: xxxxxx
originalUrl: xxxxxx
originUrl: xxxxxx
{ "env": {}, "ctx": {} }
{ "request": {} }

However, I am unable to setup ->
I tried connecting them with a DNS Record:


Is that correct?

Now, upon accessing I’m getting an DNS probe error on the browser:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in


I reiterate wanted this to work on https, how do I do that? as in: -> -> CF Worker

I am new to this so I will appreciate some context and steps if any answer is provided.
Thank you in advance!