Accessing a US website from abroad

Shalom from Israel! When I moved here from NYC, I could still access a US-based website called Knitting Paradise. After a few months, I discovered that I needed to use a VPN to access it. And now, I can’t access it all. I get the following error message: Error 1020 Ray ID: 5a9f9fae6ba30722 • 2020-06-27 13:48:06 UTC

Access denied

What happened?

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Any idea how I address this so I can access the website again?

And I checked on this forum for that specific error and was told to contact the owner of the site, which, unfortunately I can’t do, because I can’t access the site. And if I could access the site, I wouldn’t need to contact the owner. A perfect Catch-22.

These are blocks imposed by the site owner. You could only contact them and clarify why certain countries/connections are blocked.

Assuming we are talking about, you could contact them at their [email protected] address.

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I sent them an email. I’m not hopeful because when the whole thing with the VPN first started, I emailed them and never heard back.

In that case I’d assume they wouldn’t remove that block I am afraid.

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