Accessing a subdomain page returns 403 captcha page

I am have a DNS entry with HTTP proxy (orange cloud) setup in Cloudflare for my main website and also for a subdomain. Lets say the subdomain URL is

I have a webhook setup in Atlassian bitbucket to push my code using this subdomain url ( which runs a script to pull the code from bitbucket. For some reason, bitbucket always gets 403 captcha page from Cloudflare when it tries to access the url. I am able to directly hit this subdomain url from my system. I tried to disable firewall, setup page rule to turn off security but nothing works.

Check the Firewall Events Log on the Firewall page. You should see an entry for that event and why it triggered. You may have to whitelist bitbucket.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I don’t see any events corresponding to this subdomain in the firewall event logs. Though, from the response that webhook gets, the 403 page is Cloudflare branded.

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