Accessibility of Stream player

Has there been any assessment made on the accessibility of the UI of the Stream player? e.g. an assessment against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2 (WCAG2), or the filling of a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)?

If I’m correct, the Stream player seems to be built on top of Shaka, which has a related open issue on the topic: Check UI against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines · Issue #3146 · google/shaka-player · GitHub

But I assume the Stream player may have additional UI changes on top of the default Shaka player, which may mean invalidate some of this initial assessment.

I’m evaluating the usage of the Stream player in a context where good accessibility is critical, so any information available on this would be extremely appreciated.



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Hey Dom!
Happy to help with this one. We wrote the entirety of the user interface from scratch so the changes to external projects such as Shaka don’t apply to the Stream player user interface. We spent significant effort on the accessibility of the player but have not completed any formal assessments on it yet. I however can provide some general information on the accessibility features:

Things we’ve got:

  • Support for keyboard-only for captions, navigation, media controls (Each control UI element is focusable and intractable via keyboard)
  • Player support captions (no adjustable colors, see below)
  • Player scales well when zoomed in via the browser
  • Lots of additional non-standard keyboard shortcuts for media control
  • Adjustable playback speed

Things we’re missing:

  • Visually hidden labels for buttons (this is something we’re working on fixing and understand that it’s critical)
  • A panel to display all the keyboard shortcuts
  • Adjustable caption colors and fonts
  • Voice control for those who can’t use keyboard/mouse

Things we’re researching on how to improve:

  • How screen readers interact with certain elements such as the time elapsed display. This changes every second, how does a user who uses a screen reader want this information presented to them?
  • How should we make the indications (such as visual feedback displayed after play/pause/muted/fast-forward/etc) accessible? These are likely not the best it can be.

We’re happy to hear your thoughts on this. Please keep in mind that you can use Stream with a video player of your choice using HLS and DASH manifests provided if you require certain features Stream doesn’t support yet out of the box.

If you’re evaluating the Stream player for a specific purpose and would like to chat with us in more detail or privately, happy to connect you with the right person if you email me at [email protected].


I failed to thank you for the detailed response; fwiw, the informal feedback I got from a colleague probably aligns with what you describe above in terms of labels for buttons:
” Poorly labeled buttons - especially the Play, Volume buttons etc. - the Play button has no label at all, likewise for the big play button that is displayed on page load”

I’ll post more feedback as we get it from our users.

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@dom6 the button label issue should be fixed! Thanks so much for your interest, and feedback is super appreciated!

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