Accessibility Issue with Cloudflare-Protected Websites

We are currently experiencing an issue with accessing certain websites protected by Cloudflare. Websites such as,,, and others are inaccessible from some of our IP addresses and networks.

We have identified several IP addresses that are affected by this issue, including but not limited to:
These IPs are part of the network range The problem seems to be consistent across this range and potentially others.

We have already checked our network configuration, and there are no apparent issues on our end that would cause this disruption. Given that these websites are essential for our daily operations, we kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you require any additional information or diagnostic data from our side to help investigate and address this issue effectively. We understand the importance of maintaining a smooth online presence, and we appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank you for your assistance.

And what is the problem? Why is it not accessible? What do you see? Got a HAR?

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Various Errors from Different Websites, for example:

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