Accessibility errors when "Email Address Obfuscation" is turned on

When “Email Address Obfuscation” is turned on for a website, website users with Javascript turned off may see a cloudflare generated page with a URL format like this


That page has some accessibility errors (According to powermapper sortsite)


  1. (Level A) Removing the underline from links makes it hard for colour-blind users to see them.
  2. (Level AAA) Don’t use CSS animations or transitions in interactions without giving the user a way to turn them off
  3. (Level AAA) The link to cloudflare in the bottom right hand corner opens in a new windows target=“_blank”, if it has to do this it should tell the user in an accessible way, e.g. adding (opens in a new window to the title attribute)

Whilst this page would only typically be seen by bots, it is also seen by some users who have Javascript turned off.

Would it be possible for Cloudflare to remove those accessibility issues from that page? I understand that I could turn it off or handle this as an exception in an accessibility statement.

If you can, I would suggest you to ignore this warning for while testing accessibillity to get the best possible score for accessibillity.

Cloudflare currently doesn’t have the way for it. Maybe in some future, yes, since Cloudflare does care about accessibillity.

The otherway would be to disable it, then re-test, score that, save results, and re-enable this feature. Otherwise, you’d possibly experience some SPAM emails.

Nevertheless, you could modify the HTML code for the email to be like email[at]email[dot]com on your Website, which I think wouldn’t affect the accessibillity score and give you the errors, therefore you could disable Email obfuscation in such case.

However, there is also a way to implmenent and prevent it as described here:

I’d say only the bad guys or developers out there would use such Web browser behaviour.

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