Access wordpress over Cloudflared tunnel

Hi guys, I’m trying to get access to my webserver with wordpress website via Claudflared tunnel. I’ve created tunnel with www subdomain followed mydomain and service local IP address of the webserver. Same IP is in wordpress site-url. I can see tunnel status healthy and CNAME record pointing into tunnel but I cannot access it from outside. When I try open the website it will end up with local IP as address instead of domain. I have no local DNS records for this domain so it cannot know the local address. Cloudflared tunnel runs as daemon on the same machine. Tried with and without firewall with same result. I can access the website locally without any issue.
Cloud you please advise what am I missing to make it work?

Thank you.

Are you saying the local IP in the URL bar? That would mean you have a redirect rule somewhere.

Yes, it will change the address to local IP address in address bar.
I thought same thing. However I stripped down all the settings, any rules, deleted the tunnel and restored the VM with webserver from backup to make sure that there is no hidden redirection and still when I try to access webserver it will redirect to local IP.

Is there a redirect in the wordpress config?

Yes, I found there is something wrong with wordpress config. Unfortunatelly, I made so many changes during troubleshooting that in the end, I decided to reinstall whole webserver from a scratch and it’s working now. Thank you for your help.

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