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Dear all,

I an trying to access a non SSL web server using a DNS entry :
I have a type A entry for instance “web” with my ip and kept it proxied.
I try to acess it this way :
the 2086 port is because because the web server is behind a firewall with NAT.
And the browser response is : ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED
but in the error message i can see that the url appears as : HTTPS

when accessing with the ip : http://:2086 it works fine… without ssl

so the redirect to https is not from the browser nor my web server nor the site itself.
Somewhere along the line the proxy converts the direction from http to https, but I haven’t activate any HTTPS redirect in the SSL section of Cloudflare.
Always Use HTTPS is off
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is off

I do have the SSL mode in Flexible because behind this ip i have other web servers that do serve other sites on SSL but on different ports, so I have edge certificate configurated with the SSL , and those web sites do work fine in SSL.
The ssl sites like : are working fine.
The only issue is with the non SSL site.

Any clue on where the issue can come from ?

Thanks !

Just tried changing the DNS entry from Proxied to DNS only and then it works, but this means that the IP address becomes visible and this is what i would like to avoid…

EDIT: Ok, I see. You’re doing it right, but if you have HSTS enabled, that may cause a problem.

If you post the actual domain name, we can test it. Otherwise, you’ll have to open a ticket:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Many thanks sdayman for your quick reply, I checked and do not have HSTS enabled.
I will open a ticket to get support…
Thanks again

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